The field trip to Love Creek will be this Friday the 8th!  There is a lot of snow and should be fun.

Mr. Hahaj
Christmas Party

Coordinator: Angela Elrod-Wright


Nicole Stewart

Shawna Krieger

Steph McNeil

The Christmas party will be held on Friday, December 21 from 12:10-1:20.  We will be having a gift exchange.  Gifts can be sent in to school starting December, 17.  Students must bring a gift to get a gift during the gift exchange.

·       Gifts shouldn’t exceed $5.00.

·       Boys buy a gift for another boy.

  • Girls buy a gift for another girl.
If you are not signed up as the coordinator or a helper then you may still send in a treat for the party first thing in the morning.


Mr. Hahaj

Wednesday: 4-7 pm

Thursday: 4-7 pm

Friday: 12-3
Remember school lets out at 12:50 tomorrow, Wednesday
Every student was able to cast their vote for president today along with thousands of other students from across the country.  Last week we learned about the candidates and what they have to offer.  We also learned about the election process.  Students were able to make an informed decision today.  The results will be delayed until Friday because of hurricane Sandy.  
Dear Parents,

The Halloween party will be held on October 31, 2012.  It will start after lunch, at about 12:25.  Students will be able to change into their costumes after lunch (No Make-up Please).  The party will wrap up at 1:25, and the students will have 15 minutes to change back into their school clothes for specials.  There will not be a parade this year.  Instead the students will be caroling during their music time. 

Only the four parents that signed up for the party during back-to-school night will be able to be at school during the party.  If you would like to send in a treat for the class with your child it would be appreciated.


Justin Hahaj

Reminder!!!  Tomorrow is an early release day.  School lets out at 12:50.
Karsyn, Natalee, and Bella all worked really hard and were able to memorize all of the presidents.  They earned 35 tickets each!
It is that time of year!  Here is the MEAP schedule for the next two weeks.

10/9/12- Reading Day 1, Part 1 and 2

10/10/12: Reading Day 2, Part 1

10/11/12: Writing Day 1, Part 1, 2, and 3.

10/16/12: Math Part 1 and 2

10/17/12: Writing Day 2, Part 1, 2, and 3

Remember to get a good nights sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast before each test!!!! 
Time sure does fly!  I have a few important dates for everyone to remember.

October 1- Fundraiser packets are do.

October 3- Picture day

The class had their first math test yesturday and the average class score was 88 percent.  Not shabby!